Fabrication in Delhi or Gurgaon

Fabrication in Delhi or Gurgaon

BK Structural Contracts Pvt Ltd can provide metal fabrications ranging from small copper busbars to industrial-size structures thanks to its foundational skills and knowledge in the fabrication industry. These skills and knowledge apply to various materials, including aluminum, copper, mild steel, and stainless steel. BK Structural Contracts Pvt Ltd maintains a comprehensive list of welding coding for all materials and welding positions in both the workshop and construction sites. Our goods are distributed throughout the energy, petrochemical, rail, and oil and gas industries.

Because of our ability to combine electrical and mechanical engineering talents, we have effectively delivered projects from the design stage through installation, contributing to our worldwide reputation for quality and expertise. We use preexisting designs to fulfill the particular requirements of each busbar product line. Type To guarantee that every system is competitive and thoroughly dependable, tested designs have been developed and implemented. The design process heavily uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to guarantee that all of the components of the plant and the systems work together seamlessly. We create solid and long-lasting working relationships with our clients by offering excellent support in various capacities, ranging from emergency response to participation in significant turnkey projects. We provide maintenance plans, adjustments, and retrofits, as well as new builds, which comprise busbar design, fabrication, and installation, for busbar systems that are already in place.

Manufacturing and Fabrication Services in Delhi & Gurgaon

The highly competent members of the BKSC team deliver various specialized manufacturing services to our clients, frequently according to the customers’ design specifications. Our operations span the entirety of fabrication contractor in Gurgaon. We supply customized fabrications to meet your needs by adhering to the designs you have created individually. If necessary, we can offer advice and direction to ensure that the design and final product are as practical and cost-effective as possible. We focus significantly on customer care, and our fully-qualified professional team will work with you to ensure that the product is exactly what you want, beginning with the initial inquiry and continuing through the finished installation or assembly. 

Highly Skilled Coded Welders – Fabrication Contractor

  • Welders who are proficient in Tig, Mig, and MMA techniques Fabricators who are skilled in working with steel and metal
  • Training and regular internal and external evaluations at regular intervals
  • Degree design engineering
  • Degree-standard Engineers Specializing in Mechanical and Electrical Work

Quality Assurance

BK Structural Contracts Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive computer design, manufacture, and installation service to all aspects of the engineering sector. The company is certified to ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 and approved. BKSC has more than 50 years of specialized experience dealing with all metals and alloys. Our manufacturing staff is highly competent in various disciplines, including roof sheeting contractor in Delhi, fabrication, fitting, metal polishing, and welding (including MIG, TIG, and MMA welding) and coded welding). They work to ISO and ASME standards.