Electrician Contractor in Delhi & Gurgaon

Electrician Contractor in Delhi & Gurgaon

In today’s world, electricity is one of the most fundamental requirements for daily activities. Because of this, working as an electrical design consultant for industrial projects is particularly demanding, requiring skills and competence in the relevant field. In addition, electrical experts ought to have up-to-date information and awareness of governing norms and regulations, such as the IEC and IER, amongst others. This guarantees that the designs are by the most recent regulations and standards.

In addition, to provide appropriate installations for industrial projects, the electrician contractor in Gurgaon and the electrical contractor in Delhi at BKSC work in coordination with our architects and other in-house consultants, such as those specializing in civil engineering, structural engineering, and plant engineering, amongst others. They provide designs and technical advice to become a valued resource for the customer and the projects they are working on. It is common practice to regard the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems as the building’s primary nervous system. As a result, it is of the utmost importance to plan for and develop systems that contribute to sustainability, high energy efficiency, and optimal economy of operation. We provide conventional approaches, such as renewable energy, passive cooling, greywater recycling, and intelligent building systems, a modern twist to reduce the burden on the electrical system and the water and energy resources.

Electrical Consultant in Delhi & Gurgaon

In industrial projects, the electrician service contractor in Gurgaon and the electrical consultant in Delhi at BK Structural Contracts Pvt Ltd work with other project team members on the same piece of software to smoothly integrate the electrical design into the whole project. Our specialists in electrical engineering have years of expertise in designing electrical installations for all industrial applications. They check to see that the installations are by the standards set out.

In general, the following components make up our electrical design:

  •  Load Data Analysis
  •  Electrical Distribution Architecture 
  •  Substation/Switchyard Design
  •  Captive/Backup Power 
  •  Circuits and Switchgear 
  •  Cables and Bus Bars 
  •  Electrical Panels & Distribution Boards 
  •  Metering, Control & Protection 
  •  Physical Layouts  
  •  Energy Conservation & Audit