Architecture Contractor in Gurgaon, Delhi

Architecture Contractor in Gurgaon, Delhi

BKSCPL is one of the renowned Architecture contractors in Gurgaon, Delhi, offering complete architectural services and finishing works. The term “architectural finishes” is frequently used in the construction industry and everyday language to refer to aspects of a building that are visible to anyone using or viewing the exterior and interior parts. It is because architectural finishes can be seen inside and outside a building. This terminology is typically used by architects and designers to specifically describe a wide range of surface treatments that can be applied to horizontal surfaces (floors and ceilings) and vertical surfaces (walls) that are fixed to the main structural elements of the building (floor and ceiling slabs, block walls or stud walls) to either complete or enhance the aesthetic experience of the interior and exterior components of a building.

Architectural planning and finishing services include painting, varnishing, and other surface treatments for interior and external components of buildings and plants. Painting an architectural surface begins with surface preparation, which may include power washing or sandblasting to remove dirt and impurities from the manufacture and previous paint and rust stains. Conventional air sprayers, specialized high-volume and low-pressure equipment, or electrostatic sprayers are the three sprayers used to paint buildings.

Architecture Firm in Gurgaon & Delhi

In addition, BKSCPL carries out secondary architectural services in Gurgaon & Delhi, such as ultrasonic cleaning, thermal cleaning, degreasing, spray washing, immersion washing, stripping or removal of coatings, and spray washing and immersion washing.

    • The removal of grease, oil, and other organic compounds from the surfaces of components can be accomplished using burn-off or thermal cleaning services, which use heat.
    • When cleaning and removing organic compounds and greases insoluble in water or aqueous systems, degreasing services use a solvent or vapour to accomplish this task.
    • Spray washing services utilize a pressure washing or rinsing capabilities to direct a stream of water or a water/detergent mixture at high pressure to clean or remove surface debris such as scale, rust, dirt, grease, or abrasive dust. These can be removed by cleaning or removing the surface debris with a high-pressure stream of water or a water/detergent mixture.
    • Cleaning services such as immersion and scrub tank cleaning involve submerging components in a cleaning bath that is agitated in a tank using impellers or paddles or manually scrubbing the components in the tank.
    • Removing paint, coatings, or plating layers can be accomplished chemically or mechanically through stripping and coating services.
    • Immersion tanks are utilized in ultrasonic cleaning operations. Within these tanks, cleaning solutions are subjected to vibrations at ultrasonic frequencies.


BKSCPL Features – Architectural Services in Delhi or Gurgaon

As Architecture Contractors, They differ regarding the capability of processing various types of material and the standards for certification or quality. We work with components fabricated from various metals, metal alloys, and precious metals, including aluminium, copper, nickel, iron, cast iron, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and precious metals. Ceramics, metalized ceramics, composites, carbides, glass, plastics, and polymers are other materials we handle.


BK Structural Contracts Pvt Ltd, an architecture contractor in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, meets the following certification and quality requirements: ISO 9001:2000, ISO TS16949, AS 9100, and QS-9000. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) developed the AS 9100 quality guidelines and criteria in collaboration with major aerospace manufacturers. SAE published these guidelines and requirements. We adhere to a quality standard known as QS-9000. In addition to providing architectural coating, finishing, and painting services, businesses that comply with OEM-specific criteria.